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The machining service, ARCOFIL's original activity, involves NC machining using various types of process.

EDM and laser:

  • Wire-cut EDM, from 0.03 mm
  • Die-sink EDM with shaped electrodes
  • Tapping with electrodes
  • Micro-drilling from 0.10 mm
  • Troubleshooting (extraction of broken tools)
  • Partial secondary machining operations
  • Making prototypes, short or long runs of micro-technical components (watchmaking and medical)
  • Making complex mechanical and micro-technical parts (institutes, metrology and aerospace)

Traditional stock removal machining: 

  • Custom machining of parts from customer plans (subcontracting)
  • Milling with 3 and 5 CNC axes
  • CNC turning
  • CNC turning-milling on Ø51 mm bar, with gear hobbing option
  • Grinding
  • Other types of conventional machining
  • Making prototypes and/or short runs of complex mechanical and micro-technical components
  • Making stamping tool components, tooling components, sub-assemblies and assemblies (machining, purchasing, fitting)
  • Adjusting and fitting stamping tool and production tools
  • Production equipment maintenance service (stamp tool, tooling and specialised machinery)

These kinds of machining relate to the following fields and examples:


  • Prototype components, movement skeletons, gauges, date discs, wheel blanks, pallet bridges, other movement steel components and its set of fittings, etc.


  • Machining complex shapes, precision positioning (tool and mould components, bores, etc.), machining in various materials, metal, synthetic and other sintered materials such as hard metal.


  • Prototypes, validation or test parts, catheter guide frames.


  • Secondary operations for complex shapes, repairs..


  • Mechanical part prototypes, high-precision secondary operations, rotor and stator plates for electric traction motors and shock absorbers.

Aerospace & R&D Institutes

  • Complex custom parts. Special materials.