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Arcofil 1

On the 1st of May 1979, the brand new company ARCOFIL SA opened for business. Housed in a small workshop in Saint-Imier, Bernard Schenk, the company's sole employee, performed the roles of administrator, sales rep, operator, accountant, delivery man, janitor, etc.

The venture got off to such a good start that he quickly realised that he needed help, and four months later, the first employee was hired.

1981 saw the firm's first move. The new workshop was packed with new machinery and reinforced by two new employees.


Fast-forward five years, and it had already set down deep roots. The construction of a factory in the new St-Imier industrial park consolidated the company's solid development. The year was 1986, the place 2 rue des Noyes.

Boosted by these investments, growth continued with new personnel constantly being hired. A dozen precision mechanics came in to reinforce the company.

Arcofil 3

Arcofil 4

Surpassing the most optimistic forecasts, work space was now lacking. The mechanical workshop gave way to the EDM workshop, and premises some 200 m down the road were hired for it, adopting the new name ARCOMEC.


It would not be until 2009 that ARCOFIL inaugurated its new building, built as an extension of the original.

This building made it possible to bring together all the employees of ARCOFIL and ARCOMEC, purchase new equipment and officially start the production activities, with stamping and NC machining.

The machinery development activity also harnessed these new premises to flourish, with a standardised product; the "Presses" line was born.

Arcofil 5

2015 saw the merger of our 2 companies. With the renown of the various services provided by these businesses, the administrative simplification was an inevitable step. ARCOFIL SA took over ARCOMEC's operations, to become a single trading partner.